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  • Colt Reflashing - Hardware / Software / Wiring Requirements FAQ

    Before being able to read / write or modify any of the Colt ECU, the following items will be needed. Subsequent posts will outline in more detail specific information regarding these items.

    I will attempt to update this Sticky as time goes on with more information.

    Only post on this if you have questions specifically relating to the Hardware / Software / Wiring. Any other posts will be deleted or moved not necessarily with notification.

    Hardware Required

    - Hardware Required will be a minimum of a Tactrix Open Port 2.0 Cable

    Software Required

    - Software Required will be the Open Source EcuFlash - current Version is the Beta 1.43172. This is not a stable version and is only in the testing phase at this time.

    - Software Required will also be the EvoScan Software - this is needed for both datalogging as well as being able to show all engine data information. There will be a specific discussion running on all the advanced features of this software.

    Wiring Requirements

    - The Australian Colt requires a specific modification to be done on the wiring in order to read / write to the ecu. There are two options to do this and both will be outlined below.

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    Hardware Requirements for Re flashing the Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Turbo (Australian Models Only)

    In order to be able to read / write to the colt, you will need an Open Port 2.0 Cable. This can be purchased from the following links

    Software Requirements

    Software links for the EcuFlash software can also be found at

    The only known working version of EcuFlash Software at this time is version 1.43177 which is still in beta test stage for both reading and writing.

    Other Versions of EcuFlash are

    EcuFlash 1.42.2595 (Windows XP/Vista/7 x86/x64) - this is the current stable version but cannot currently be used by Colt Owners

    EcuFlash 1.43.3150 BETA (Windows XP/Vista/7 x86/x64) - this is the 1st Beta which can be used to read from the ECU Only

    EcuFlash 1.43.3172 BETA (Windows XP/Vista/7 x86/x64) - this is the 3rd Beta which can be used to read from the ECU Only

    Forums of Interest

    EcuFlash Forums -

    Evoscan Forums - for all information on Evoscan datalogging software


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      Wiring Layout for Reflashing the Australian Colt ECU

      For the majority of Mitsubishi Vehicles for reflashing they normally use two plugs. The first one is the OBD plug on the lower LH drivers side for the colt. There is a second plug which is a Voltage Power Supply for the reflashing circuit, which is a secondary plug that goes into the back of the Open Port 2.0 Cable and has a white plug on the end.

      On EVO's and Lancers, there is a second matching Female version of this white plug in the factory wiring harness, which is plugged into to allow reflashing. Mitsubishi has not provided this same plug on the Colt vehicles which requires two options to reflash the ECU.

      The good news is that this circuit is available, but unfortunately it is being fed into the OBD plug, where we need to tap into the wire and feed it externally into the Open Port 2.0 assembly.

      The circuit in question is Pin 11 - check the following link for those technically minded

      Included are two diagrams showing the two options of being able to tap into this wiring.

      Option (A) - Tap directly into the wiring

      This is probably the easiest way to do this, but can possibly produce issues later on with Mitsubishi Servicing of the vehicle if it ever needs to be read by Mitsubishi on the OBD harness.
      Essentially, Pin 11 on the harness, I will confirm the colour wire again to make this easier later, needs to be cut. Solder a wire onto it and you can then feed it into the external reflash plug by either modifying your own harness or just baring hte wire and forcing it into the white reflash plug.

      Option (B) - Y Cable Setup

      This is what I did to make a better setup as a tuner without having to spend 1/2 hour modifying the wiring on every vehicle. What I did was purchase the following

      (A) Open Port 2.0 Cable
      (B) OBD 2 Y Extension Cable which allows two OBD units to be fitted simultaneously
      (C) OBD2 Female Plug

      What I did was on the Y Cable, I tracked Pin 11 and cut it in the harness so that it only feeds on one of the OBD pathways. The pathway that is cut is the one that the OpenPort 2.0 cable is hooked up to.

      The circuit that is not cut, I then using another OBD2 Female plug, I cut the wire out of the supplied reflash plug that came with the OP2.0 cable, and soldiered it into the spare OBD plug. This then hooks directly onto the OBD Y Cable and you then plug it into the back of the Open Port 2.0 adapter.

      This allows me to get any colt and read / write to the ECU without needing to modify the OEM wiring harness. As a tune it makes more sense, but there is around $150 worth of additional plugs to purchase as well as around 1 hour to make everything up.

      I wil ltake a photo of my harness so people can get a better idea of what it looks like. Hopefully someone we can get some good photos showing locations of everything as well.

      I purchase my cables from the following link and found them very good to deal with


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        Reserved for future posts again


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          Ok Im trying to get my head a little around this.

          What I gather is you connect the cable to the OBD2 plug, but then remove pin 11 from the conx to the OBD2 plug and connect that to the mitsubishi reflash plug.

          now my Q is, can I go and buy a 3.5mm mono jack and make my own quick disconnect cable to suit the colt.

          And what are the wires going to the plug and which pins on the plug, I gather its only 1 wire but which pins on the plug.

          I was thinking of de pinning the K line from the OBD2 and either finding a female crimp to slide over, or a quick disconnect conx inline with wire


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            You can get a new 3.5 mono jack, but the open port 2.0 cables come with the pin and plug setup already. If you only plan on doing colts then you can modify it as we suggest. If you plan on doing other model vehicles, then yes you would need to purchase separate cabling and make up a new plug.

            What I gather is you connect the cable to the OBD2 plug, but then remove pin 11 from the conx to the OBD2 plug and connect that to the Mitsubishi reflash plug.

            That is entirely correct.

            First two posts updated with the link to the EcuFlash software now available (Although it is still a beta program)


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              Is there a user manual for ECUFlash?

              Booted up the net book, spent an hour installing updates LOL it doesnt get used much.

              And successfully installed the beta but not much you can do with no cables, I was hoping there was info and stuff in it, but it seems a fair basic program


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                There is no user Manuel as such no.


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                  Is there any way you could include this in a "package" that your selected authorised tuners could sell onto us? Eg: all cables & wiring including modifications to the wiring plus the tune for a standard price, and dyno time can be added on extra at each workshop. (For those of us that just want more power for money :P)


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                    If your going to have a flash and let it be, you won't need the cables.


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                      I managed to depin, pin 11 from the OBD2 plug on the car it was easy once I made some tools.

                      1 pop rivet filed down to a nice wedge shape to remove the retainer

                      1 safety pin bent straight to pull the clip back, pin comes right out, going to head to jaycar and get a pin to fit the OBD2 socket, looks around 1.3mm wide, ill get the verniers out and measure it.

                      then ill make up a 3.5mm mono plug to said pin.

                      10 minutes work per reflash and no cutting wires or anything needed.


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                        Any pics of the gear you received from Tactrix, always good to see them in the flesh so to speak.


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                          Only ordered them yesterday, but with 2-3 day shipping but the order has not progressed yet and I haven't been given a tracking number.

                          went searching for a pin today no one could help, then I remembered I pulled a whole bunch of them out of my stereo wiring when I upgraded to the eclipse unit, got heaps of them with wires attached now hahaha.


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                            Can we get the how to set up Evoscan thread made soon seems as a few of us have got cables comming.

                            do we still need to have pin 11 out for evoscan?


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                              There is no setup needed with evoscan, you just plug straight into the OBD port without any modifications as it doesn't use the flashing ports.