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  • Enabling Stationary Rev Limit for Launch Control or NLTSu

    Hi All,

    So after a month of testing, here is an updated Merlin XML for our Colts. It contains Boost Offset (Under Turbo), and Stationary Rev Limit parameters (under Limits).

    These definitions have been a collaborative work between Matt and myself, also with the help of a few testers (thank you guys)

    With these definitions you can run *either* Launch, or No lift to Shift but not both at the same time. If you want both, talk to Kai. He built a completely new ROM for sale that can do it with more sophistication than this.


    Merlin XML 3.0 Download Link

    Base Rom Launch
    Stationary Rev Limit 2844 (or whatever you want)
    Max speed for Stationary Rev Limiter 5.0 km/h
    Stationary Rev Limit Cross Under Max Speed Enable Delay 0ms

    Works well. Can test without launching. Stationary (with engine warm) put clutch in, and then increase revs by applying more throttle. You should find that the car will not allow you to rev it past your stationary rev limit setting, even at wide open throttle (WOT).

    To launch, simply have the car at WOT, on the stat limit, with clutch in. When ready to launch, just start releasing the clutch like you would normally in a traffic light grand prix. Slip it a bit, to help smoothly get the power down, but keep throttle heavy(ish).

    Issues: None found so far? Test it and let me know what you think.

    Warnings: If you break your car its not my fault. Make sure you’re not knocking when you launch, and also run it a bit richer at that rpm

    Things to try: Could try retarding ignition massively and aim for some antilag?

    Base Rom NLTS
    Stationary Rev Limit 4000 (or whatever you want)
    Max speed for Stationary Rev Limiter 300.0 km/h
    Stationary Rev Limit Cross Under Max Speed Enable Delay 0ms

    This uses the same built in functionality as the stationary rev limit, but you set the limit higher (say 4k), and effectively turn off the cross under by setting the speed too high to ever be reached.

    To use, first practice driving around, in motion, and change gears really slowly. Whilst in motion put the clutch in, and rev it.. double check that the 4k rpm limit is working. If it is, slowly try holding more and more throttle during gear changes, and see how you go.

    Issues: On my car 1st to 2nd works sweet, but 2nd to 3rd rarely engages quick enough to stop the car from over revving nastily if at WOT.

    Warnings: Well, like launch, this stuff hurts your car. Use your own judgement. Like with launch, make sure you're not knocking as you re-engage the clutch. Maybe make it a bit richer than you need too. Also, if NLTS engages too slow on your car, like it does mine, then you could over-rev really badly. Use caution, and work your way up from shifting like normal, to shifting with a bit more throttle, and so on towards full WOT, that way you won't over rev too much when you're working it out.

    Things to try:
    Look into the clutch pedal action, and when the clutch in use sensor is activated. I suspect on my car, they are not well lined up, so my cars NLTS limit gets enforced too slowly, causing over rev.

    Launch and NLTS development next steps
    1. Antilag?
    2. Reduction in the rev range exhibited by the engine during stat launch rpm limiting?
    3. WGDC and target load increases? Holding boost when stationary and engine not under load?

    Anyway, test it out, experiment, try different settings.. report back by replying to this thread.


    Andy ( & Matt (

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    Great work Andy!
    Awesome news for the scene


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      Example screenshot of the settings. You need to choose between NLTS or Launch as the stock ROM can only do one or the other.
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        good work, keep it up


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          Great work guys!


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            Nice one guys.


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              I tried googling it, but what exactly does the" Stationary Rev Limit Cross Under Max Speed Enable Delay" parameter effect?

              Assuming its as speed goes under the max speed for the rev limiter, it has to wait this many ms before enabling it?


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                Yeah that's correct Macca


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                  I'm running it in NLTS mode, I find thats more useful than having launch on


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                    Hey Andy, are you guys revising the NLTS? Inconsistencies in the functionality is quite risky and its good that you warned people about its use.
                    Just don't miss shift during NLTS operation. HIGH chance of a blown gearbox or damaged synchros.

                    Luckily Kais has had a lot of research and development behind it so it doesn't have any issues.
                    Last edited by stylzjhn; 12-09-2014, 10:50 AM.


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                      Agree - Kai's NLTS is much more sophisticated and his price does not reflect the amount of effort he would have put in. IMHO its worth buying.

                      The two biggest issues with the stock rom NLTS are :

                      1) If your clutch sensor is not aligned with where your physical clutch starts to disengage (but this would impact any ECU)
                      2) Downshifts - this the config setup above works best for upshifting. Trying to heel-toe downshift with it doesn't work well. This one way where Kai's is much better.

                      We're still working on the colt rom, so there should be improvements in XML definitions over time, but in no rush.
                      Last edited by andy; 12-09-2014, 02:11 PM.


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                        You guys are doing well. Nlts downshifts are epic. Not recommended in damp conditions lol!


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                          Check the definition for the speed settings. (Max speed for Stationary Rev Limiter)

                          I have found that on my car with that I thought was set to 10kmh (need to double check) is that its not limiting the rev limiter to under 10kmh, only noticed when I was rev matching downshifts.
                          I kept wondering why it wasnt doing it or felt delayed. turns out at any speed, clutch in, drops my revs to static limiter max

                          Also stops me from poping the clutch for 2nd gear squeelies hahahahaha


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                            Ok to confirm - you're saying with it set to under 10kmh cutover, you're still getting rev limit with clutch pressed at 20km/hr? I'll recheck the code..


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                              Yup with ALL car speeds getting rev limit.

                              Ill double check my rom incase I entered an extra zero as well