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    If you want to make a really cheap water spray kit, go to a 4wd wreckers and get a big washer unit (tank/pump combo), then get some pvc tubing and some garden mist sprayers from bunnings/garden store and just cable tie them where you want them, you can prolly get the 1 way valves from there also.


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      would it work if i cut the stock pipes and add another 2 long pvc tubing run them all the way down to cooler? or will it be too long to work


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        The water in the stock reservoir will simply drain out as the intercooler sits lower than the reservoir. Both the front and rear window washers sit higher than the reservoir and most probably have one way valves fitted.


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          I've mounted an aftermarket windscreen wash bottle behind the blanked off vent inthe front bumper (drivers side), it sits lower than the intercooler and also has a one way valve inserted inline. It will most probably be removed to make way for an oil cooler in the future.


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            Did a ghetto style water sprayer install recently.

            What you need:

            1x 6mm T joiner
            2x 4mm valves
            3x 6mm hose joiners (optional)
            Around 5m of 6mm vacuum washer hose (had to buy 3m as I had 2m leftover from the boost gauge)
            Supercheap Auto New Car air freshener spray nozzle (yeah that's right ghetto master).

            Cut the rear wiper hose and put in the Tjoiner. I added a valve to the rear wiper hose so I can choose to enable or disable rear washer completely, thereby diverting all fluid to the intercooler sprayer.
            From the new T-piece I ran the vacuum hose between the chassis and side quarter so it is accessible in the doorjamb. Placed a valve there.
            The rest of the vacuum hose was threaded through the engine bay away from the timing belt and moving parts, without removing the front bar, ghetto style - took ages.

            Removed the nozzle off the stinky Supercheapauto 'New Car' air freshner and cut away excess plastic so I can slip the vacuum hose over the end and cable tie it securely. See attached photo.
            Cable tied one part of the hose to the mesh on front bar; even used a wire tie from a breadshop, ghetto style. Aim the nozzle to the SMIC.
            Test by opening valve for smic sprayer, closing the rear wiper valve.

            The beauty of the SCA stinky sprayer is the mist is very fine, much finer than garden sprayers from bunnings. It's like the misting units used at marathons. I'm sure you can use any other bottled spray units like Optrex eye spray. The SCA one came in handy as it was a '$0' purchase on their membership card, ghetto style.

            Close valve when done otherwise the sprayer water bottle will drip dry.
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