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  • Ultra Racing Bar user discussion/sharing thread~!~!

    hey guys lets gather all the infos of the UR bars and feed back into this thread so anyone of us that need infos or any new comer got a question can ask here instead of the group buy post~

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    ok me first, im still wondering for the UR front under bar, am i really need to cut it in order to do oil change?

    and if i do will it affect the bracing ability?


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      install help/query:

      rear sway bar has 1 bolt.. i used the black one and poked it through the hollow rear wheel arm...i used the centre hole in the a few photos i can post up...bit dissapointed on the 1 hole though...might have alook at drilling another hole at a later date..dunno how i goona stick a bolt in though

      rear rectangle arb...has 4 holes...i think one lines up with the 2 big bolts connecting the rear arm to the u have to unbolt these..i think if i unbolt it, rear arm will come off lol...nut size that where it i have to unscrew it?

      and photos or rough guides would help...i didn't get instructions, did u?


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        Seems so! Maybe someone should take the opportunity to get under their car and get some pics of the front brace held up where it is meant to go. It is now more obvious that some guys are going to have some teething issues due to the fact that these bars are made specifically for the N/A colt, but we'll just have to work around those issues. Pics please from those who have already installed their bars!


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          Rear Strut Bar

          Still haven't installed mine as its gunna get painted red...

          Not wanting to have to have access to a rattle gun when installing/removing the bar, I was wondering if there is enough threaded area to do this;

          Remove nuts and obtain 2 non-nylock nuts
          Install bar with non-nylock nuts tight
          Lock down nylock nuts over the top

          This would solve the problem of the piston arm (if that's its technical name) spinning when trying to tighten it...


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            my sub dont allow for a rear strut...modifying over the w/e it looks like..


            is where i put up install pics

            below is the problem i have wit centre arb, lines up wit torsion bolt...can this be un dun?




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              faux, it would be close, but you kinda need some torque on the bolts ,just rock up at the local mechanic and ask him to help takes like 5 minutes.

              Ayu correct its the inside bolt, but there wasnt any washer on it, like illistrated in the diagram


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                did you unbolt it from the torsion bar...i was thinking because there are only 2 bolts...if i un do it, the whole thing might come off or spring might shoot off...

                and because its a critical bolt holding the wheels to the car, i was pretty worried to take it off lol...

                was it easy to get off, looks tough...

                on another note, any1 gonna put a 2nd screw in for the rear sway bar?
                i got like 4 spare bolts, dunno what they r for...was gonna stick it somewhere


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                  The bolts are only for the ARB

                  Ayu yes its fine to unbolt that 1 bolt from one side of the torsion bar mount, thats what i did and nothing flew out.


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                    was it easy...u use any crc?


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                      It was easy as I own a 2 foot long braker bar, the bolt on the torsion bar is 17mm head size and is tight, but easy as with a long bar, and I used locktite after cause im pedantic LOL

                      the other bolt it hink was 12 or 14mm


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                        crc is loosen tight bolts...
                        yes i agree locktite seems like a must...dont wont my rear wheels coming off like in the movies haha...

                        yeh i think its about 17mm, bigger than the other bolt connecting to the black thing....

                        i will take some betta pics...if i can, for everyone wondering....


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                          big braker bar should be fine.

                          Mine is a 25cm braker bar, but the leg from my twin 500w lights stand happens to slip over the bar PERFECT extending it to 2foot long hahahah


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                            did u bother to jack up the car?
                            i am lazy to pull the jack out again lol


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                              my colt is lowered so i had to jack it up... all my bars are still on... and working...

                              Edge: as for the front 4pt... you will need to cut it only the corner dont worry it will hold (i think ) its only a little bit that needs trimming or else its impossible to get it on or do an oil change (by the way im using a EVO oil filter as its smaller but the colt one should still fit if trimmed) i will take pics of all my bars when i have time sorry guys just have exams at the moment

                              Ayu452: on your rear sway did you get a washer on the bolt because it sounds like you installed it the same as me... on bolt inside the torsion beam on each side (black 17mm) and through the centre hole in the ARB, only issue i had with this is that the ARB now touchs the torsion beam causing rattles... meaning they will need longer bolt and spacers to lower it (i have mine planned out already will take pics in due time

                              if your worried bout the 4pt rear just chuck the jack under the torsion beam to hold it up while you take the bolts out thats what i did...