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  • roll the guard ,need help

    Hi, I am currently working out what is the lowest offset that can fit Rcolt.
    I am having 16*8,+28 with 215 /45/16 is just rubbed abit, when passing the bump.
    But I would like to put a 10mm spacer to make the rims sit out more. But absolutely need to roll the guard, our guard is just a plastic. To roll the guard ,Should be much easier than other car .so was thinking use a grinder to trim the guard by myself... see if anyone have an experience of rolled the guard, please give me some advice. Really appreciate.

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    Try a different tyre 195 or 205 width

    Cant find oddessym thread on his diy guard rolling


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      Lol. Gluk
      I buckled my guards rolling them. Fronts cant be rolled, i flared them. If anyone truly rolled them, i would love to see it.
      And they aren't plastic. Look at a normal colt. Its the same panels but ours have plastic trims. Hence under the plastic is metal. I belted all mine up with a hammer and trimmed all the plastic off. I will take photos.
      But the car sits on some 8" +0 usually. Or 8.5" wheels.
      And if u using a spacer, i will recommend a true hub centric spacer with extended studs
      I use h&r trak spacers.

      But as the other guy said, 205s would be better


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        I been trying to find my post on the guard rolling but still struggling with this new forum format.

        Like AYU says you can't really do much rolling on the fronts, needs some surgery to mod the mounts for the guards. I reckon u need to be careful where the inner guard bolts to the plastic headlight mount.
        If u grind the plastic clips and metal edges on the inside of the rears and roll them you get about 30mm extra width.
        Just be careful on the fuel filler side as the guard will crease on that side first. Just take it slow and start with left rear first.
        I haven't altered the camber on the front from std but you'll improve clearance by getting some neg camber happening. Check out AYUs blog.

        I gotta get some more guard work happening so I get rid of the tyre rub when the suspension bottoms on hard cornering.
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          Thanks for help guys.
          Yes I will use 67.1 centric hub spacer and long stud. And I tried to roll the guard with grinder.. too hard, I would get a professional guys to do it..
          But wondering can we have 30mm/3cm more clearance after the rear guard is roll?? Pretty good number.


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            how much extra clearance is there on the front ?