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  • Guide: How to install your own Amp kit (56k Unfriendly)

    This is only a guide. Be warned if you do something wrong then i will not be held responsible for any damage. Follow at your own risk.

    1x Amp kit
    1x Socket Wrench kit
    1x Pliers
    1x Star head Screw driver
    1x Flat head Screw driver
    1x Test light
    1x Wooden spoon

    Step One
    Your gonna start off here with your amp kit. What your amp kit should have is a Power wire, Fuse, RCA cables, Ground wire and small wire for the ignition.
    Here is a picture of what your Amp kit should look like.

    Once you've opened the amp kit, grab the power wire. We're gonna start by removing all the engine internals. Start by removing the Battery from its position. Followed by the intake pipe and the airbox. Once these have been removed you will able to see where your firewall is and if there are any openings. If you have a boost gauges installed then running the wire through the same hole makes things A LOT easier. Calculate the amount of length needed for the wire to sit with the batt reinstalled. Your fuse should also be connected. Now removed the red cap on your (+) batt connection and connect the Power Wire for your amp. Once this is all done then put back all the things you have removed and mount your fuse. BE sure to keep the batt off as you dont want to blow a fuse. Now we move onto step 2.

    Step 2
    Now with the Power wire through the firewall we can start to remove the dash. If you dont know how to remove your dash then here are the links in the forum where you can read up on.

    Now be sure your deck can support RCA's. If it doesn't then all of this was done for nothing. Get your RCA cable and run it behind the glove box to where you rear of your deck is. Connect the RCA and also the Ignition wire. Be sure to solder the ignition wire so it doesn't come lose. Once connected we are running the wires. Collect all 3 wires and run them behind the silver plate located behind your glove box as pictured. You will also be required to remove all plastic from the passenger side floor. There is a small lower quarter part that needs to be removed. All that is needed for this is a small plastic screw and a little bit of force to pull it out. Picture shows that it has already been removed.
    Notice how the cables are running under the carpet for the best look

    Step 3
    Running the wires along the passenger side of the car is very simple. All you need is some force and your wooden spoon to pop out the plastic.
    Here the passenger section has been removed and i've run the wires

    Move along till you reach the seat belt section. This is a little but tricky. Now what you will need to do is unbolt the seat belt at the connection near the floor. Once this is off start from the top of the section. Unpop the top 2 corners. Once that is out, apply force outwards and the whole panel should just pop out.
    This is after i poped the seat belt section out and run the wires

    Continue to the rear section and again running the wires and poping out all the pastic is very very easy.
    here is the rear section removed and wires have been run

    Step 3
    After running all the wires you can now start by installing the amp. Its very simple. Power wire goes to power and Ignition goes to ignition and RCA to RCA's. Connect the Sub while your at this point to. Mount the ground somewhere near the rear. Use your test light so see if there is a good ground you can use. Once that is done you can start testing the system and checking if everything works.
    This is what it should look like at Step 3
    My friend connecting wires

    Step 4
    Now everything works. Great stuff Now for the gay part lol. Putting it all back. Just reverse all the steps and you it should look something like this.

    I hope this helps all of your save some money and doing a good job yourselves. Ommeh out ^^~

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    you shouldnt really run the power wire and RCA's down next to each other, it will make bad engine noise!

    Just a suggestion if you can seperate them down different sides its more adviseable.


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      yah i would have. time wasnt really helping us lol. We were planning to run the RCA down the driver side of the car. We ended up giving up on that idea as it was 4am in the mourning and we wanted to get it done lol~


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        that was the 1st thing i was thinking too. emfs etc, maybe even if you ran them down the centre of the vehicle?


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          Originally posted by tmr_colt View Post
          that was the 1st thing i was thinking too. emfs etc, maybe even if you ran them down the centre of the vehicle?
          thought about it. Imagine how hard it is getting the carpet out and putting it back in ><~ Anyhow the RCA's are next to the power. In the photo's they look like their sitting next to each other. When we put everything back. The red wire was on top and the RCA's where on the side so there was a good 4cm's seperrating em.

          This isnt a perfect job. It was a guide lol~ for those who want to do it themselves. Its just a ruff idea whats involved. What you choose to do and where u choose to run the wires is totally up to you.


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            I'm going to have to have a listen as this is similar to what I was wanting. New HU, replace all 4 speakers and a sub... Simple for a small car to sound good. Nice job...


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              if you are running an amp for a subwoofer and no speakers then no engine noise will be produced. Only an amp running speakers will get engine noise...
              Subwoofers cannot produce the high pitch whine created by the interference of the power cables.

              Also remember guys... you will need an aftermarket head unit for an amplifier (unless you wanna pay extral dollars and have wires stripped back etc...)


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                thats also true.

                Oh to get the carpet up.
                To fold it just at the B piller:
                Front seats
                Center console
                Drivers Footrest
                Fuel Cap Opener
                Kick Pannels
                Side scuff trims

                To get it fully out:
                B Piller covers
                Rear seat

                I have done it to the b piller but not fully out.


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                  Any pics of where I get the ignition/accessories line from?


                  • #10
                    you could always get one from behind the glovebox... that is were the fuse box is...

                    just use a testlight and make sure you fuse the wire


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                      Only time you'll get emf trouble is with current that's alternating, provided you did the install properly and ran the power for the HU and amp directly to the battery, you should be getting nice clean DC power. You're actually more likely to get emf issues from the body of the car more than anything, but that usually only if someone dodgy has done installs in that car previously. My 1st car.. O M G, was a complete rip-apart and start again due to one of the previous owners. Only time you need to run down both sides of the car is when you run out of room in the conduits.

                      Nice guide, shows how to do it all properly.


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                        I have a sub line out from my head deck which only has 1 RCA out. im running a 4 channel amp using 2 channels for my front speakers and 2 channels for a bridged sub. the amp has 4 RCA in's, 2 are used for the front and i have 2 left.

                        Just asking, if i want to add the sub in. do i connect the 1 RCA out to a line splitter to the 2 RCA channels that lead to the amp?


                        • #13
                          Grab a splitter.


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                            Originally posted by fauxpas View Post
                            Any pics of where I get the ignition/accessories line from?
                            I also wanna know


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                              Cant remember which cable or colour it was but it is simple to use a multimeter or a test light.
                              Ignition on and off to find a 12v rating